Road Grader, Driveway Maintaince,  Road  Scraper, Box Blade, Road Maintaince, Motor Gader. 
Pull grader with pickup or small tractor. Pull at highway speeds to job site, lower blade with wireless hydraulics and go maintain you road or level your lot. When your done with leveling use the sprayer on back for ditches and fence rows.  You do not have to buy the scraper, if you all ready have one you can use your own since it has a cat 1 three point hitch. You can attach a box blade, scraper, road leveler, drag even a small disc. Great for leveling parking lots, arenas, drive ways, dirt roads. Pull-a- Grader can be bought with or with out rippers, spray tank or electric hydraulics.

Pull Grader

Maufactured by RCCG 
1928 Hwy 80 east 
Demopolis Ala36732
1-334-289-8805  Fax 1-334-289-8806

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